IBM Endpoint Manager

Skills Used: Formative user research, remote usability testing, low and mid fidelity prototyping, collaboration with engineers, UX advocacy and education, Agile process

Summary: IBM Endpoint Manager (IEM) is an enterprise on-premise console for IT professionals to manage endpoints (desktops, servers, laptops, mobile devices) at scale for their organizations. As a UX Researcher and Designer, I was responsible for using a variety of generative and evaluative design research methods to inform the design of a completely new web-based version of the product.

Sample Deliverables

Patch List Research and Redesign

new patch list screenshot

Based on foundational research, the patch functionality was the first application to be developed for the new, web-based IBM Endpoint Manager.  It was designed to promote quick filtering, so IT professionals could perform routine operations efficiently. The UI could be read in-depth in an expanded view (shown above),  or skimmed easily in a contracted view (shown below).

compact view of patch list