Picture of Rebecca Jablonsky

I am a user researcher and design anthropologist with a passion for applying human-centered perspectives throughout the design and software development process. I will complete a PhD in Science and Technology Studies in May 2020, and am currently looking to transition into a full-time, in-house user research role.

My academic research ethnographically explores the cultural significance of popular meditation apps such as Headspace, Calm, and Insight Timer, analyzing how the design features of these tools mediate people’s experiences of mental health.

Within the technology industry, I have five years of experience conducting generative and evaluative user research for a range of top companies—including DoorDash, GitHub, IBM, and The Boeing Company. Project summaries are available in my portfolio, and more detailed case studies are available upon request.

Please contact me with opportunities at rebecca [dot] jablonsky [at] gmail [dot] com