Future of Entertainment, Intel

Skills Used: foundational research, evaluative concept testing, ideation workshops, vendor management, global ethnography, research roadmapping

Context: In 2020 at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, I began working at Intel’s Client Computing Group, which designed chips for laptops and desktops. At the time, the role of the personal computer in people’s lives had rapidly expanded beyond work into leisure and social entertainment.

Approach: I conducted an initial foundational study on leisure and technology, looking at the ways people used the laptop and other devices in their leisure time. I created a framework for how to think about leisure and technology, identifying the types of leisure activities where the laptop played the greatest role. I then created an annual research roadmap to investigate and refine opportunities on several major topics: virtual gatherings and events, mainstream social gaming, and personal life projects.

side of a head with a heavy-duty gaming headset on, looking at a computer screen playing a game

Impact: Over the course of a year and a half, my research generated 45 new opportunities for Intel to innovate in a rapidly cooling PC market. I refined the opportunities my research generated in close collaboration with over 30 stakeholders across 5 product areas, and ultimately improved the design and performance of laptops used by billions of people across consumer, enterprise, gaming, creator, and education.

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