Picture of Rebecca Jablonsky

I’m a social scientist who has led research projects and practices within the technology industry for over 8 years, impacting strategy and product design within both big tech and the startup world.

I believe that good UX research needs to go beyond intellectual contributions, incorporating a holistic understanding of people’s emotional experiences with their built environment and advocating for opportunities to better serve the needs that arise. My speciality lies in impacting complex products with multiple user types, and conducting mixed methods research to shape and de-risk emerging 0-1 products in consumer entertainment, AI, and health tech.

My work is informed by a PhD in Science and Technology Studies, and a Masters of Human-Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon University. Academically, I am an expert in the social discourses and practices surrounding computing, cognition, and mental health.

Based in the Portland, Oregon area, I spend my free time taking walks in moody forests, traveling with my husband, baking, gardening, and closely observing the behavior of my mischievous cat Hershey.

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