Picture of Rebecca Jablonsky

I’m a Lead UX Researcher with 8 years of tech industry experience who quickly makes sense of complex, ambiguous product areas and helps partners build the confidence needed to make tough decisions.

“What should we do?” is the question that gets me the most excited at work. I enjoy the process of  generating new ideas and refining opportunities to the point where my team is able to deliver something meaningful to others.

My work is informed by extensive training in interpretive social science, human-computer interaction, and design. I have impacted both consumer and enterprise B2B products, and my research has been published in top academic journals and professional conferences. For the past several years I have specialized in researching the future of entertainment, leveraging my insights to reimagine how creators, artists, and consumers can use technology to do what they love.

Based in the Portland, Oregon area, I spend my free time taking walks in moody forests, traveling with my husband, baking, gardening, and closely observing the behavior of my mischievous cat Hershey.

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