Perforce Helix Cloud

Skills Used: Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, InVision, design research, requirements gathering and synthesis, close collaboration with Product Management and Engineering, remote research and usability testing, agile process

Summary: When I joined Perforce, the company was in the process of refining a closed alpha version of a new web-based product, Helix Cloud, to prepare for a beta release. One of the biggest concerns was that the centralized version control software (VCS) made by Perforce was losing its hold in the market to GitHub, which made a popular decentralized version control software (DVCS) system. As a UX Researcher and Designer, I used a mix of generative and evaluative methods to understand the version control workflows and collaboration needs of software developers and designers. My research directly informed feature prioritization for the emerging product roadmap, and shaped the UX design patterns I implemented for several emerging web-based products at the company.