GitHub Social Impact

Skills Used: survey design, semi-structured interviews, qualitative data analysis, persona development, remote collaboration, writing, editing

Summary: As a co-researcher on a five month long project for the GitHub Social Impact team, I helped design and execute a qualitative research study on how the social sector currently leverages open source software. This project involved initial data collection through a widely distributed survey that included software developers, funders, experts in open source software, and other relevant stakeholders within the social sector.

The team then conducted 55 semi-structured interviews with people from diverse social sector organizations, and analyzed the data through remote collaboration tools such as GoogleDocs and Miro. The project culminated in writing a publicly available report on open source software in the social sector.

Download the report directly here.

More details about this project are available upon request.

Conducting a group research session at the Nonprofit Software Development Summit in Oakland, CA.