Perforce Helix Cloud

Skills I’ve used: Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, InVision, design research, requirements gathering and synthesis, close collaboration with Product Management and Engineering, remote research and usability testing, agile process

Perforce Helix Cloud is a cloud-based version control service for developers, designers, artists, and other contributors to software teams. It joins the powerful versioning engine that Perforce is typically known for with an easy-to-set-up hosted experience and an intuitive interface for collaborating with team members. Helix Cloud is currently in open beta, available here.

Sample Designs

Importing Files from a Current Perforce Depot


The alpha version of Helix Cloud did not allow current Perforce users to import their depot into Helix Cloud. In order to migrate to the cloud, these customers compressed their depot into a .zip file. However, this import method was not preserving the version and file history of the depots. Based on customer feedback, the team added a way to import a current Perforce depot and informed the users of necessary steps to ensure server compatibility.

System Outage Behavior

system outage workflow diagram

Because Helix Cloud is a hosted service that our customers rely on, it was important to specify the appropriate behavior for notifying users of system outages. I made this workflow diagram to create alignment amongst UX, Product Management, and Engineering about the expected system outage behavior.

More artifacts and process coming soon….