Comic Circuit

Comic Circuit is an online community for visual news stories. Explore the online prototype of Comic Circuit by clicking on the image below.

Prototype landing page

Additionally, you can download an interactive PDF outlining the Comic Circuit design process or read the paper outlining research and process.

Skills I used: interviewing, affinity diagramming, translating data into design ideas,  wireframing, interacton design, usability testing, think-aloud

Collaborators: Bingxin (Nancy) Chen, Ben Margines, Raunaq Gupta, Shailie Thakkar

Comic Circuit is a website where users can create and consume news comics that are based on news articles. It was designed with the intention of making the news more accessible to young adults, who prefer scanning information quickly, as well as to visual thinkers. The hi-fidelity prototype of Comic Circuit was created through an iterative process of research, design, and testing.

We submitted the final product of our process to the 2013 CHI Student Design Competition, and were accepted as finalists to present at the CHI conference, which took place in Paris in April of 2013.

Eiffel Tower